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Find Happy Trails in the App Store for Apple TV.

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Subscribe to one of ten Collections of five themed videos, or to All Videos – dozens of them, with new ones added every month. Subscribe for a month or a year. Get started with a Free 7-day Trial.

The Collections:

– On the Beach, By the Sea
– Up in the Mountains
– Visit the National Parks
– Walks in the Woods
– In the Gardens
– Around the World
– New York’s Central Park
– On the Street
– The Long View, Part 1
– The Long View, Part 2

Each video comes with a choice of three soundtracks. You can watch with Music; with Treadmill Trails Narration and music; or, with Sounds of Nature. The Music is all persistent rhythm: drums, percussion and bass. The Narration gives you a trail guide and exercise tips along with the music. And Sounds of Nature is a symphony of birds, crickets, frogs, rustling leaves, flowing streams and crashing waves. Or you can watch in silence; just turn the sound down.

Take a vacation in a great place – while you’re on your couch, on your treadmill or on the floor. Spectacular ridgelines, beaches, gardens, medieval hill towns and castles, city streets and parks. Beautiful videos that move you – and get you moving. C’mon, get up and move your feet. Don’t just walk in place – walk in great places.

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